Bedroom Inspiration

Oh I love nothing more than flicking through beautiful housey images and thought a feature on bedrooms might be appropriate considering I spend so much time in it.  I’m one of these people that need an absolute minimum of 8 hours sleep and the result of getting anything less is not a pretty sight and I am definitely not a morning person.

Here are a few of my favourite pics – I love the simplicity of the use of mainly white in some images but the vibrancy of colour such as pinks and blocks of floral on bed linen or on a feature wall works beautifully.  Or a mix of pattern like gingham curtains and polka dot bed linen can work really well.

Oh yes I’m on the hunt for a rustic wrought iron bedframe so if anyone can shed some light on a good source where I can find one please let me know.

Okay so we might not all have high beamed ceilings or wooden tongue n groove floors and walls but the look can be achieved by carefully thinking about the colour scheme you would like and choosing key accessories like pictures or layering a bed with throws and cushions.  Lockers don’t have to be the traditional locker – think about quirky items like stools or old trunks or a stack of books.

If your thinking about decorating a room cut out clippings of images you love and ask yourself what you like about the rooms and gather a collage to build up a vision of what you want to achieve.  Another place to visit online is Pinterest (my profile – which is an INCREDIBLE source of inspiration but be warned its highly addictive.  You can pin images from websites with images that you like and easily create Inspiration Boards.  It can take a long time to get setup on it but if you want to send me your email address (to and I can request an invitation for you which is much faster.

Have a great weekend folks.  Joanne xx

Source: Country Living

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1 Response to Bedroom Inspiration

  1. eastwitching says:

    My breath has been taken away! Such stylish and romantic bedrooms – fabulous – thanks.

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