Floral Inspiration

Aren’t the simple things in life among the most beautiful?  My weekly treat to myself are a beautiful bunch of flowers – a girls got to treat herself, right?  My favourite are peonies, hydrangeas, pink tulips (actually any kind of pink flower :)) Whats yours?

Source: White Living

Source: Dreamy Whites

Source: Etsy

Source: Flickr

Source: Gypsy Purple

Source: Letsdriftaway

Source: Letsdriftaway

Source: Selinalake

Source: Yvestown

Source: eBoutique.ie

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7 Responses to Floral Inspiration

  1. Heckety says:

    I love the photographic style of these- faded, timeless, almost like watercolour paintings. But my favourite to do would be the hydrangea in the floral tea cup- to me that one sings ‘summer’!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Heckety. Thats very true that the hydrangea in the floral tea cup has a bright summer vibe (bring it on, eh) 🙂

  3. Rita Hagan says:

    I’m with you Joanne, if nobody else buys you flowers you have to buy them yourself. At least that applies to me so I also treat myself to a weekly bouquet. My current favourites are lilac and purple tulips.

  4. Neasa says:

    Note to self…. treating yourself to flowers once a week is mandatory from now on. So lovely, so uplifting on a(nother) wet day. I used to live in Germany and the floristry there was so artistic. People would always bring a little posey if they were visiting for lunch or dinner.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Your dead right Rita – its a lovely treat and love your choice – its a great time of the year for tulips.

    Oh yes Neasa- thats a very important note :)) I lived in Holland and it was also very popular to bring flowers when visiting as you said for lunch or dinner (think it must be more popular to bring flowers on mainland Europe). Flowers are always a welcome and beautiful gift alright.

    A little tip – I always find a little spoon of sugar makes them last a little bit longer.

    • Neasa says:

      I forgot to mention that my favs are poppies. LOVE them, would marry them if I wasn’t already married. Unfortunately I haven’t found a way to keep them as cut flowers but I have an ever growing collection of poppy paraphernalia – mugs, plates, cups, jugs, platters, photos, paintings, jewellery and I’m planning to treat myself to one of those pretty raspberry cushions you have in store next pay day!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Oh Neasa you made me laugh so much that you love them so much you would marry them if you weren’t already married lol – love it. Poppies are so beautiful and delicate.

    You can see that my love of flowers also spills into my choice of soft furnishings on the website :))

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