Bedroom Crush

Happy New Year dear people, hope your having a great start to the New Year.  We had an amazing 10 days over Christmas and New Year in Norway with MOH’s family and were spoilt silly.  Did as little work as possible and as much eating and sleeping as I could manage.  We got back last week and feel totally energised and full of enthusiasm and ready to take on 2012 – this is going to be a GREAT year 🙂

Came across a picture of this bedroom and swooned over it for a while.  I love the shabby chic, romantic feeling that this room has. A quirky alternative to a headboard are the old distressed doors and the simplicity of the furniture screams of old world, soft and romantic.  And who says that bed linen must be ironed – I totally dig the unironed crispness of that gorgeous white bed linen.  What do you think?  Is this the kind of bedroom that you could wake up in every morning?

Shabby Chic Bedroom

Shabby Chic Bedroom


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5 Responses to Bedroom Crush

  1. You certainly read like you’re well rested Joanne. Glad you had a nice break! Adore the light from that window and the recycling of doors as headboards Ingenious! How clever to even think that one up?

  2. Hi Ena – oh it was bliss. Hope you had a great holiday and that you had some nice time off. It sure is a really super idea to use the doors as a headboard. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for some old doors that someones about to chuck in a skip 🙂 And so right about the light – those big huge windows let the light come flooding in.

  3. Indeed! Romantic/chic ambiance is so perfect for a bedroom!

  4. Heckety says:

    Knowing me I’d wake up with the doors having fallen on my head….but they look lovely! Love the battered wooden look, or is it distressed??

  5. @Heckety – haha they look great but could be proning to falling alright :)) I think they look like they’re really old doors that were probably lying around in some outhouse for years but I think its possible to recreate that fab ‘old worn’ look.

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