Brrrr, I think our spell of nice weather has gone but thats not a bad thing.  How could it possibly not be a bad thing you might ask?  Well its a great time to fire up the stove and curl up on the couch on a cold, winters evening with a big glass of wine and a good book.  I love an open fire but I’m a huge fan of the woodburning stoves – they’re great on a practical level because they generate heat and warmth but aesthetically don’t you think they can be a real focus piece in a room and great for creating a warm and cozy atmosphere.  We have a high ceiling in the kitchen and it gets really difficult (and expensive on oil) to heat the room so we’re looking into getting a new stove so I’ve been having a little browse around for some inspiration.  If you had the choice of an open fire or woodburning stove – what would you prefer?





Scandinavian Retreat Blogspot




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5 Responses to Stoves

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  2. Nr14 says:

    Nice inspiration in your blog:)

  3. Thanks for your kind comments – always great to get feedback.

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