Upcycled Chaise Longue from Coffee Bean Bags

When we first moved into our home we had no furniture and for some bizarre reason I went and bought a red chaise longue – how practical of me 🙂  As my other half reminded me – its not like the 2 of us could sit comfortably in it and keeping in mind we didn’t have a couch – this was a completely whimsical, spontaneous purchase.  The chaise longue was red and was purchased about 7 or 8 years ago and had just become dull and boring.  I was in Norway last year and picked up some coffee bean bags and thought I might do something with them at some stage and this month MOH (my other half’s) family were visiting us and I had this brilliant idea to transform the chaise longue with Drury coffee bean bags (what a stroke of genius).  MOH’s Mum – Torunn is a very talented lady that can turn her hand to just about anything and took on the project with her cousin Wenche. So I asked if she could pick up a dozen coffee bags from Norway and when they arrived they got measuring, cutting, sewing, stitching and this is the end result – and I absolutely love it.   I’m very grateful to the ladies for transforming the chaise longue into such a unique piece of furniture.

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7 Responses to Upcycled Chaise Longue from Coffee Bean Bags

  1. you mean to tell me they were on holidays visiting and you got them to measure and sew 😦 tut tut obviously you have a very loving family 🙂 I love the transformation, good choice hope you don’t mind but I’m going to ‘borrow’ this idea for an old chair I’ve been annoyed with of late

  2. I was going to bring it to a local upholsterer but the ladies did protest. Pls do borrow the idea – I borrowed it from Blanaid (http://www.blanaid.com/2010/04/studio-snippet/) who did the interior styling and the shoot for my catalogue/images on my online shop (http://www.eboutique.ie/). Would love to see some images when you finish.

  3. kasia says:

    what a clever idea! it looks absolutely fantastic and i’d love one : )

  4. Thanks Kasia, the great thing is that its a one off piece. I’m sure my mother-in-law will take commissions lol.

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  6. That looks fantastic! What a great idea. Thanks for the link 🙂
    It´s possible to share pictures on my other website: Stylizimo.com. I would love to see the last two photos under the DIY section. You have to sign up as a member first – very easy.
    Inspiration is guaranteed! 🙂

    Nina x

  7. Thanks for your comments Nina – will pop over to Stylizimo.com and would be delighted to post some photos there.

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