Kitchen Dilemma – To Paint or Not to Paint

Although I love our kitchen I really feel its time to give it a little spruce up.  The dilemma however is that the units are oak and I want to paint them, however my other half thinks that this is a crazy idea.  I know exactly the look I’m after – which is great.

I like the idea of painting the units a light grey, our existing door knobs on the units are a white porcelain so they don’t need to be changed and we have a white ceramic double sink – perfect – it’ll look fab.  I also want to put white subway tiles on the backsplash.  The big challenge now though is to try and convince my other half that painting the units will be a good idea  and that it will look great.  So convincing him is the challenge.  OK I need your help and would so appreciate if you can help me come up with some really good reasons, justifications and excuses why I can convince him its a really good idea to paint our oak units 🙂 ??

Here’s some of my faves:


White Metro TilesSource:

White Metro Tiles



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4 Responses to Kitchen Dilemma – To Paint or Not to Paint

  1. sheila kiely says:

    I had the exact same dilemma recently and yes it’s a risk but The Gravy Man loves it now. Having said that we’d lived with the light oak kitchen that was for 13 years so it was time for a change. I played around with about 15 sample pots and wanted a light beige colour and decided on Dulux Rum Caramel 5. It actually looks more white than beige but I love it. Getting plain white wall tiles to replace the sunflower ones(what was I thinking!) next week. It has really lifted the place. Have fun. Sheila

  2. Mise says:

    Oh go for it! I have a painted pine kitchen with oak worktops and love it. No matter how beautiful the wood is, wood is brown and brown isn’t the happiest of colours.

  3. @Sheila Rum Caramel sounds lush (almost lush enough to eat and drink) and I could imagine with white tiles it’ll look so bright.
    @Mise – love it – thats exactly the kind of response I need to just trash on with it and your so right brown is definitely not a happy, beautiful, stylish or versatile colour.
    I brought home a tester pot of Lady Grey by Vogue and a white metro tile to see what it’ll look like so I’m working on the gentle art of persuasion but Mise I like the ‘go for it’ approach.

  4. Anonymous says:

    oooo its like lookin at the pages of my kitchen wish list!! once its done he will love it-will be bright all year round and sure isnt there such a thing as paint stripper haha! 🙂 Anna

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