Inspirational Colour Combinations

There are lots of amazing blogs out there but one in particular stands out and I take a regular trip to their site for a colour fix – its like stepping into colour heaven.  Over at Magnolia Rouge Kate’s posts feature the most amazing collection of Moodboards. Its a wonderful site if your planning a DIY wedding and looking for some wedding ideas or even some colour inspiration. Personally I’m not planning a wedding but I do draw inspiration from the incredible colour combinations in the images – fab.  Tell us what your favourite is? Hope you enjoy them as much as me.

Images via Magnolia Rouge

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8 Responses to Inspirational Colour Combinations

  1. Naomi says:

    Kate is an amazing creative talent. I’m so glad that you created a post highlighting her boards! 🙂

  2. Naomi says:

    p.s. out of these boards the last is my favorite thus far!

  3. Thanks Naomi. The last one just screams of style, class and sophistication

  4. Really hard to decide which I like the most ! Kate is mad talented!

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  6. Brancoprata says:

    I will have one of each please 😉 Kate is amazing and her work is so inspirational!!!

  7. Love, love, love all of these! Kate puts all of our boards to shame! 🙂

  8. Kate has such an eye for color & design…she is truly talented!!

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