Home Office and Workspace Inspiration

We spent most of this weekend giving our office a ‘long overdue’ clear out.  Its one of those jobs that I’ve been putting off and putting off and putting off and finally we took the plunge this weekend and went for it.  Is it really possible to build up so much stuff?? And now that its done I feel great.  Some of the clear out can be fun – its a bit like taking a trip down memory lane because we came across some old pics that reminded us of lots of great times – ok I won’t get all nostalgic.  So if your considering tackling a similar job or looking for some home office or workspace inspiration here are some beautiful images via Home-Designing.

Create an inspirational home office or workspace that you want to spend time in and create a style that appeals to you – if for example its a warm, bright, stylish, cosy space then you’ll want to spend more time in it.













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5 Responses to Home Office and Workspace Inspiration

  1. kalanicut says:

    It’s like a sent a wish up to heaven and you caught it and answered it! I have been scouring the web all weekend trying to find inspiration for my new office space. My lovely manfriend and I finally figured out a way for me to fit a workspace into my bedroom. Room is torn apart and now I have to decide how I am going to make it pretty and inspiring without it being too busy or taking away the feeling of calm and openness I want for my bedroom. This is fantastic. You made my day!

  2. Oh thats great to hear – I’m very good at catching those wishes 🙂 Keep us posted and if you feel like sharing would love to see the before and afters.

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  4. Thanks for sharing these absolutely beautiful pics Joanne. The first pic is my favourite. It’s the gorgeous red-orange boxes that co-ordinate so well with the chair that get’s me. All the pics are all truly inspirational – I really love the rod in pic 6 that’s holding the array of ribbons too- simple but effective Hmmm I may have to try that in my own office – I loove ribbon.

  5. Thanks Michelle. Totally agree – that rod is such a cool way to display beautiful ribbons.

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