Floral Friday

This week I treated myself to a bunch of beautiful roses, spray and some pink carnations (just can’t help myself when it comes to pink things).

You know how sometimes the little buds get knocked off.  Pop them in a little shot glass and they look every so cute.

Have a great weekend.



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3 Responses to Floral Friday

  1. Ena Ronayne says:

    pure chic, very classy

  2. Merri Cvetan says:

    I found you from the Blogging Your Way workshop. What a lovely site. You have a great eye. Did you take the floral photos? Very lovely.

  3. Thanks Ena
    @Merri Thank you very much – yep took the photos myself – lots of playing around with the camera though and these ones were taking after almost a million shots (well not quite but..)

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