Local Scenes

Hope you all had a great weekend.   Yesterday I did a walk for the Irish National Heart Foundation – nothing too taxing (I wouldn’t be one to physically exert myself too much), just a nice brisk 50 min walk around where I live and I just wanted to share some pictures with you.  We started in the Village and did a loop passing some beautiful sights along the way (on the south coast of Ireland). Having lived in cities for 20 years and now enjoying country life I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

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3 Responses to Local Scenes

  1. Ena Ronayne says:

    Hi Joanne

    You should be very proud of yourself well done. We should all take a leaf out of your book and do something for a local charity especially now as they too are struggling. Love the images especially that of the local wildlife! Not too well up on my cattle but that’s not just any ol’ cow I think it’s a Normande – prized I believe!! How are you settling into Waterford living, although a Cork lass, Waterford is my number one retirement destination in Ireland with Sligo following a very close 2nd. Keep well….

  2. What gorgeous pics and so interesting to see what home looks like for you. I love the town pics, I love the cow, I love the ocean view. Lucky you!

  3. Thanks for the comments Ena and Michelle 🙂
    @ Ena – Waterford is such a great place and I’m settling in very well. Still adjusting to the quietness and tranquility (thats a good complaint). We really do have amazing coastline here, mountains just up the road and gorgeous sandy beaches – I know I’m biased but totally understand why Waterford would be number one retirement destination. Corks also a great place – I went to secretarial school in Cork (a very long time ago).
    @ Michelle – I really do feel sooooo lucky. I lived in cities for 20 years and only recently moved back to the ‘countryside’ – wow – what a change but sometimes I think when you live away and then return you appreciate it even more.

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