Accessorise, Accessorise

I’m a gal thats all about accessorising the Home.  Isn’t it incredible the difference a beautiful cluster of candles, a collection of different shaped vases, a scattering of cushions, scenic pictures or big bold paintings can make to the look and feeling of a room.  Think about it?  Imagine if your room had just the bare essentials – although it might feel minimal it might also feel lifeless – accessorise, accessorise.

Source: lightlocations

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3 Responses to Accessorise, Accessorise

  1. You always manage to find wonderful images – those mirrors, in particular, are stunning.

  2. Thank you (I say blushing). Oooohhhh those mirrors – they really are something else alright.

  3. Vikki says:

    Hi Joanne! I’m Vikki, a new-to-the-blogging-world-gal, and I stumbled upon your lovely page tonight in my travels! “Love the space you live in” is definitely a shared mantra!

    I LOVE this post, as I’m a bit of a white junkie, though surprisingly there isn’t a lot of it in my home. I guess somewhere deep inside I know that white can be difficult to *keep* white 😛

    Gonna have a look around; kudos on moving back to Ireland for what sounds like a very inspiring life. It’s my dream to someday move back to Cape Breton (hey, Irish roots here too!), so thank you for the inspiration to move towards my goal!


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