Colour Combinations

My last blog post was an inspiration board I created that displays my current phase of lovvvving a white/blue/pink colour combination (its probably apparent in the colours I choose for my website as well :)) I came across the images below with the white/blue/pink colour scheme so using the Inspiration Board ‘French Sapphire’ from my previous post and applying it to home interiors here are some ways to use these gorgeous colours.

Source: M Cederblad

I love how the pink in the wallpaper is picked up in the drape over the door of the wardrobe and the pink element in the cushion.  Its a great way to pull a colour scheme together.  What do you think of these colour schemes?

Source: lightlocations

The appeal in the above 2 images is the amazing amount of light that white interiors can bring to a room.  White doesn’t have to look sterile but with the right use of coloured home accessories its possible to create a calm, tranquil and inviting space.

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9 Responses to Colour Combinations

  1. Beautiful interiors! Loved the inspitation board!
    Ingrid x

  2. The last picture is beautiful. For me it conjures up the feeling of being inside and warm on a bright winters day.

  3. denise cullinan says:

    colours are fab and the interior is wonderful.

  4. Clare says:

    These are like pictures of my dream house! White walls, clean, bright, happy colours and beautiful wallpaper – heaven as far as I’m concerned. There’s even one of those Moroccan footstools I’ve been lusting over for a year. Beautiful – thanks Joanne!

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone. Traditionally I would have thought of white being a cold colour but I’ve completely changed my views and I’m so in the ‘white camp’ now and a big fan of it – completely brightens up a space – if accessorised the right way.

    What are your favourite colour combinations?

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  7. Lucy says:

    I love these spaces… I am a true colour lover and definately love it at its most in a white space.
    I would love that wardrobe, just beautiful x x x fantastic blog x x x

  8. Oh thanks Lucy, thats very kind of you. Totally agree with you about that gorgeous wardrobe – its a real statement piece.

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