Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Mirrors are just one of those home accessories that we can’t do without (well we can but it would be difficult).  I don’t know anyone that doesn’t have one. Although on occasion it might not be a bad idea to not have one to look into especially after being out the night before and almost frighten the life out of myself when I look in the mirror and see the hair standing upright and sideways on my head & when my eyes somehow can’t fully open.

Mirror 1

Home accessories can play a vital role in creating the look and feel of your home and mirrors are one of those totally functional home accessories that can provide a focal point in a room & of course give the illusion of making a space look bigger than it really is

So I’ve had a good trawl around to look for beautiful and inspiring images with mirrors. Whats my favourite I hear you ask – well now thats a difficult choice but I’ve saved the best one till last – purely because I would love, love, love a walk in wardrobe/room like the one in the last image.  Let us know what you think or what your favourites are?


Mirror 2



Mirror 3



Mirror 4



Mirror 5



Mirror 6



Mirror 7



Mirror 8



Mirror 9



Mirror 10



Mirror 11



Mirror 12



Mirror 13



Mirror 14



Mirror 15



Mirror 16



Mirror 17



Mirror 18



Mirror 19



Mirror 20


Source: lightlocations





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3 Responses to Mirror, Mirror on the wall

  1. Yep, the last one gets my vote too. Love the light in photo 19 though. Can I have both?

  2. Of course you can have both – no problem at all 🙂 Its a difficult one alright. No 19 sure looks really bright and airy and there’s such a simplicity about it.

  3. I couldn’t possibly choose one but I’m partial to the entrance in No 14 and love No 8 and 9 as well. What a great collection!!

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