Silver, Glass & a bit of Bling

Just can’t help myself from accessorising in little pieces of glass and silver. There’s just something about the combination of silver, glass and a bit of bling that I absolutely love.  Here’s a little peak into some of my favourite bits at home.

Mirrored and silver jewellery box I picked up in England – complete with my paw prints 🙂


Clusters of tiered candle holders from



Totally fell in love with this cluster of 3 rings - a recent little purchase from Oasis




Different size and shape glass jars with a sprig of lavender for that 'french inspired' feel from




Glass Cake Stand from

Glass Cake Stand from



Just couldn't resist nabbing one of these bags for myself when I purchased them for the online shop



My mother-in-law gave me this gorgeous vintage silver tray that had been lying around in the basement. Thought it would look good for holding cotton wool & buds



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5 Responses to Silver, Glass & a bit of Bling

  1. Wow! beautiful things! I love that ring. I will like it here a lot. 🙂

  2. Thanks Amanda – just can’t resist a bit of bling.

  3. Vic says:

    I’ve been dying to buy so much of this stuff! i love the picks….gorgeous:) and that looks like the perfect idea for cotton swabs and q-tips…i put mine in a glass cup..i’ll have to go find one of those:) thanks babe!

  4. Hi Joanne

    Love the ‘colour’ combination that you get from glass/silver/white and how it changes with the light. And I really love that cake stand!

    Beth (via BYW)

  5. Thanks ladies
    @Vic – was trying to rack my brain trying to think of a functional way of using the tray and then figured that it might look a bit quirky for storing cotton wool & buds.
    @Beth – glass and silver is such a fab combination. Unfortunately any cakes that end up in the cake stand don’t stay there very long :))

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