Beautiful Ireland

Just got back from a few days in Achill Island and Conemara where we spent a few days hanging out with some German friends and some English friends Anita and Kieran who I hadn’t seen in 15 years so it was a brilliant reunion.  Well I was completely blown away by the scenery and so proud that I live in such a beautiful place.  The first few days were spent touring around on Achill Island which has loads of amazing beaches and stunning coastline but my favourite was a place called Keem beach.  Imagine mountains where the mist just hangs over the mountain with a sweeping and stunning drive (albeit a bit of a cliffhanger) down into Keem beach with its white sandy beach and clear turquoise waters nestled in with the cliff on each side.  Just to sit back on this beach and look out at the waves crashing against the little islands in front of the beach was just amazing.  Perhaps it helped that the sun was shining but I think its one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.

After leaving Achill we made our way to Spiddle stopping off at Killary Harbour.  Now the drive into Killary, passing the fjord was utterly breathtaking (apparently its the only fjord in Ireland but I beg to differ that Stradbally is also a fjord or at least thats what I recall a teacher in school telling us years ago).  I think I did in my other’s half head as I spent the whole day saying Oh My God isn’t this beautiful, isn’t that beautiful (in a very over the top and exagerated way) but it really was.  I’ve done a fair bit of travelling but we really are surrounded by such spectacular scenery on our beautiful island with dramatic, rugged and unspoilt coastlines that have such a sense of raw beauty about them.

Local Fishermen

Rainbow on Achill

Irish coastline

Killary Fjord

Killary Fjord


Sean The Sheep

The Local Sheep

Irish Coastline

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9 Responses to Beautiful Ireland

  1. AnnMarie Fennell says:

    wow amazing pictures!! cant get that anywhere else in the world! beautiful part of our country! x

  2. Ah, you were in my territory; I’m glad it looked so well for you!

  3. Valerie says:

    Beautiful photos.I did a painting a few years ago very simular to the first photo and it sold straight away.
    I’m sure you had a great time

  4. Ann Marie – its even better in real, real life, reality (not sure whats the correct word – hehe but you get my drift 🙂
    Brid – Wow – how lucky are you to have such stunning scenery on your doorstep
    Valerie – could totally see how your painting of such an amazing sight would sell rapido

  5. Ena Ronayne says:

    oh boy thanks Joanne, you’ve just reminded me just how much I really love this Island. (any chance I could use one or 2 of the images if I cite your details?)

  6. I know Ena isn’t it really beautiful. Please do use all the images you like if my details are linked to it.

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  8. Thanks livvy, unbelievably beautiful place. Just had a look at your blog – also amazing pictures.

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