Home Inspiration Ideas for Mud Rooms/Utility Areas

Do you ever find that just inside your door can become a bit of a dumping ground or that your hallway/foyer/utility area always gets filled up with stuff like boots, hats/scarves, bags, shoes, jackets, toys and can often end up looking cluttered/messy/untidy?   If your looking for a practical storage area for each of your family members then there’s some great ideas and home inspirational images below for you.

What is a mudroom?  Its like a drop zone so somewhere between a cupboard and a utility room and it oozes practicality in a space that you have somewhere to hang your coat/hat up on, or a cupboard to put your wellies in. I love the idea of a practical storage area like in the images below and could so do with something like this.

When designing a mudroom think first about who and what it will be used for and then consider the location that you want to position it in e.g. just inside the front/back door of your home or in a utility area.  You could have a space/section in it for each family member.  Each space could have hooks for hanging coats and hats, a shelf and perhaps a basket for all those bits and bobs or a boxed shelving area.  Another option would be to have a little seating area with a hinged lid to hide stuff away in or just a row of blanket boxes with pretty Seat Cushions on top.  I hope that the images below can provide some inspiration if you are thinking of creating a Mudroom or decorating your hallway/utility area.

Decorate your hallwayDecorate your HallwayDecorate your Hallway
Decorate your HallwayDecorate your HallwayDecorate your HallwayDecorate your HallwayDecorate your HallwayDecorate your HallwayDecorate your HallwayDecorate your HallwaySource: bhg

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5 Responses to Home Inspiration Ideas for Mud Rooms/Utility Areas

  1. Ena Ronayne says:

    Hi Joanne,
    Love the post. When we got our house refurbished 3 yrs ago we tried our best to include a mud room / utility room. But because of the houses orientation and its position in relation to our garage we were not able to (unless we knocked the garage!). However in my next house I will definitely have to have one. Very handy for me as I could just de-robe of weelies and dirty gardening clothes and into some more appropriate for the house. Handy for dog leads also??

    Great post Joanne, thanks so much for sharing… love the pictures also, my hallway is 2narrow to accommodate and anyway all of downstairs is open plan that understairs is where we hide all the coats, dog leads etc., but it could definitely do with something as organised as one of those images above. How long it would stay organised though is another thing?

    Best wishes Ena

  2. Thanks Ena. I don’t think we plan enough storage type spaces into our homes and its a really practical and functional space. It sure would be a great idea for your gardening gear. I have a similar problem in that our front door entrance is too small and hallway is too narrow so as you said ‘in the next house’ 🙂

  3. All that wonderful storage is making my heart skip several beats.

  4. Judyhops says:

    Hi Joanne,

    I have to save I love all of these ideas on mudrooms – my favourite (for the competition!!!) is number 2 but I also love the last one!

    Any ideas for narrow halls? I have two areas that are used as dumping grounds – a narrow hall and the kitchen (which has a sliding door) – small 3 bed house! Any recommendations for hooks or the likes seeing as there is no real room for a bench/unit area (french romantic style)?



  5. Oh yes my heart almost stopped when I saw these gorgeous inspirational images.

    Judy – do you have any space/corner behind a door in the hall/kitchen. Plan a section of space (it doesn’t have to be a wide space) and you could go with something like in the last picture in the blog post above and split your design into 3 sections. On the ground/floor you could go with a shoe cupboard by using just a basic shelf say about 40cm from the ground (it doesn’t have to be very deep) or even place 3 or 4 wicker french style baskets on the floor and then you could have a tongue and groove section in the middle part of the wall and then at the top part you could go with 2 rows of 3/4 hooks – the ones on the top for hats/scarves/brollies and lower ones for jackets or vice versa. This will then have a distinct feel of being a dedicated storage section.

    Alternatively you could just go with a few hooks along a section of wall and then some french inspired or country style pictures along the top/above the hooks or even a mirror which will also help to give the hall the illusion that its bigger than it really is. Keep us posted if you make some changes?

    For the competition if you can pick your favourite picture from the blog post below (sorry about the confusion):

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