My Garden

I’ve been out in the garden and just wanted to post some funny pics that I found kind of amusing and a bit funny. The first two are from my little veggie plot that I’ve been nurturing (kind of).  Now normally lettuce is kinda round and relatively small. Well, well you can see that my gardening skills are not quite up to speed (or maybe they are) – check out my lollo rosso lettuce that has now turned into some kind of lopsided miniature Christmas tree.

Lopsided Lollo Rosso

Here’s something else very cute that I found on one of the leaves on a Red Robbin bush – the Love Leaf.

The Love Leaf

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2 Responses to My Garden

  1. Ena Ronayne says:

    Hi Joanne, love the pics. Did you sow or plant 2 many? Or maybe you just didn’t get to eat it? As I’m sure you’re aware lettuce is an annual so it has to be pinched out regularly or it’ll ‘bolt’ as in the case of your lopsided miniature Christmas tree, which I love by the way. Think you could do with my services? Let me know if you could, I’ld be delighted to help

  2. Thanks Ena. Your right – I think I enthusiastically planted too many and got completely carried away planting heaps of lettuce but I guess it adds a touch of ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the veggie patch 🙂 Next year I’ll only plant about 2 which should be enough. Will definitely give you a call if I need your services – its good to know the experts.

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