Allotment Plots with a Twist – Beautiful Outdoor Spaces & Competition

I’m back from my holiers and definitely still in holiday mode.  On the last day of my hols in Norway my mother-in-law brought me to a place which is like an allotment but with tiny cabins.  When I saw the place I got so excited I was like a child in a candy shop because it was so, so pretty.   The place is like a huge site split up into smaller allotments where people grow flowers and vegetables and also on these allotment spaces are the cutest little cabins you could ever imagine.  The cabins are about 15m2 and each one is so individual – different colours, shapes and decorated differently outside and inside.   Some people have built a tiny little bedroom and/or kitchen in these cabins and you can sleep/cook/relax in them or some people just visit them daily and tend to their veg and flowers.

Some of spaces even have glasshouses with nothing growing inside but instead they have a table & chairs and pots & plants inside so its a brilliant idea if you have a glass house at home that you don’t use.  Clear it out and put a table & chairs in there and so you can still get the joy of being outside but under cover even when its raining.  See the image below ‘Sitting Inside Out’.

I was thrilled when I was admiring one of the gardens and Eva Lohne asked me in to her place to have a look around – from the Pretty in Pink images below.  Also featured below is my mother-in-laws cabin which although its not in the Allotment Space but in her back garden I think its gorgeous enough to be featured here also (see the images from Mrs T’s Cabin below) and I have spent a lot of time relaxing in it.

What really struck me walking around this place was the individuality of each space. Enjoy the images and if your thinking of building an outdoor cabin in your back garden or want to do something different with your glasshouse I hope these images can provide some inspiration.

The White Picket Fence

Original Wood

Gorgeous in Grey

Dotty Dining

Allotment Pathway

Blue Coffee

Garden Gate

Green House

Love in the Window


Day Bed

Gorgeous in Green

Little Red Cabin

Pretty in Pink 1

Pretty in Pink 2

Pretty in Pink 3

Pretty in Pink 4

Black & White

Sitting Inside Out

Mrs T's Cabin 1

Mrs T's Cabin 2

Mrs T's Cabin 3

Mrs T's Cabin 4


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19 Responses to Allotment Plots with a Twist – Beautiful Outdoor Spaces & Competition

  1. Michelle Donnelly says:


    My favourite image from your hols is Mrs T Cabin, I could really see myself snuggled up there with a good book on a summers evening!!

  2. Ena Ronayne says:

    oh wow Joanne, what beautiful images, my favourite?? that’s a hard one – its a toss up between simplicity with its manicured look and clean lines; Gorgeous in Grey with the tree canopy shading the doorway – however my ultimate favourite has to be the pretty in pink 3 – what a greenhouse!! – sure you’ld get up in the middle of the night to check on your plants in that greenhouse – too cute!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Roisin says:

    Mrs Ts 4 cabin i just love this it is very american

  4. Candace says:

    How do I pick just one? I love the Day Bed… something about the area in the picture is so inviting, I’d love to recreate it. I love the red door in the background, its somewhat funky!

  5. Teresa says:

    The Day Bed is def my fav but a lot more come in a close second…to many beautiful pics to just pic one.

  6. Aline says:

    I also picked Day Bed as my favourite even before reading the comments. But the other pictures came close.

  7. Jak says:

    Not one for pink generally but I love their use of it in the ‘pretty in pink 4″.
    Lovely feature!

  8. Josephine M says:

    All the photos are lovely it shows a garden that is tended with care and thought so if i was to pick one it would be gorgeous in green

  9. Deirdre Durran says:

    Gosh what lovely images. My favorite is The White Picket Fence reminds me of Tom Sawyer.

  10. Audrey Waugh says:

    Loving the little red cabin. Looks like the perfect little hideway right in your very own back garden!

  11. Fiona Devitt says:

    It has to be “Garden Gate”, reminds me so much of my Granny’s house… ah, memories, x

  12. Sineadc says:

    Sitting Inside Out Dotty Dining

  13. Sinead C says:

    Sorry, my comment should read that while I love the Dotty Dining, my favourite is the Sitting Inside Out – I think this would be absolutely perfect for Irish weather! Imagine being able to enjoy your garden all year round without having to bear the brunt of torrential rain, hailstones, snow etc. and still enjoying the outdoors – heaven!

  14. Edward Curtin says:

    my fav is the little red cabin would be nice to have a space to sit and study in peace outside the madness of the house

  15. So gorgeous – when I think of my messy garden and shed with the paint peeling – these make me squirm with embarrassment!!! Gotta love the effort these people make to keep their gardens looking so GREAT! Love the day bed, tho with the Irish showers not sure it would survive in my garden.

  16. Aine O'Flynn says:

    White picket fence – so pretty!

  17. Too many favorites to choose!
    I LOVE the variety of ideas. My 2 most favorites would be “Sitting Outside” and “Daybed” because it all looks so lush and relaxing. Too bad I have a black thumb or I’d give it a go my self 🙂

  18. Deirdre Kirwan says:

    Day bed for sure.. lovely photos

  19. Judyhops says:

    Love them all but Mrs. T’s cabin is gorg – if I had to choose one it would be Mrs T’s cabin 2!

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