Country Life

Having lived in cities for over 20 years and recently returned home to the village I grew up in I sooooo have a new found appreciation for living in the countryside.  Life is just simple, quiet and very laid back.  Can’t believe that I don’t need my weekly fix of retail therapy (never thought I’d say that).  I now get more of a kick from different things such as …. planting & picking some homegrown cabbage, a head of lettuce or some spring onions from our humble veggie patch.  Speaking of which here’s a few pics of it – before and after.

BEFORE (built by MOH):

Veggie Patch


A few weeks ago I also wrote a post about planting some herbs – well  the story with the herbs is good and bad.  Bad – because the coriander is a disaster – why?  Its wilted, turned brown and has grown flowers.  Would love to know why its grown flowers.  But, but, but the good part is that my basil not only looks good but tastes and smells divine – okay I know the leaves are a bit on the small side but hey I can’t resist nibbling away at them and that hey I’m not patient enough to wait for them to get bigger (which lets face it might not happen).

Oh yes – pathetic

If your transplanting herbs into pots and you have some chipped bowls or glasses just use these – instead of chucking out this bowl with a big chip on the side I used it to plant some basil.

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