Beat the blues

I came across these images and thought Wow – this is an amazing home.  I could just mull for a very long time over how pretty this place is and how it oozes character.  This house is like a treasure trove full of little gems – the fab old style rads, white wrought iron bed, distressed looking footstools, sash windows, the old dresser with what looks like porcelain handles and then thrown into all this is a chandeliers in the dining room which just works so well.

Source: CottageCo

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2 Responses to Beat the blues

  1. Lorna says:

    It is lovely, so restful and calm and country without being overdone. Gorgeous

  2. Thats true Lorna – it is very restful – I think the colour palette that they used helps provide the beautiful restful appeal of the rooms.

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