Cherry Blossoms Moodboard

Today’s blog is inspired by all the really beautiful cherry blossoms that are in bloom at the moment.  I found some beautiful cherry blossom images – which led me to creating a colour palette (nature inspired) derived from the cherry blossoms and below are 3 moodboards with my interpretations both in terms of words, colour combinations, room images and product images.  Which colour palette do you prefer – 1, 2 or 3?

Colour Palette 1

Room images from

Colour Palette 2

Room images from houseandhome and BHG

Product images

Colour Palette 3

Room images from BHG

Product images

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1 Response to Cherry Blossoms Moodboard

  1. Rita Hagan says:

    Great idea! All palettes are very nice but my favorite is palette 2. I do like the picture in the accessories for palette 3 also.

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