Bright, Bold and Beautiful Chairs

I spent way too much time sitting in front of my computer today (but I just can’t help myself) and hence the inspiration to share some beautiful images of seats and chairs with you.  After all, for a lot of us, we do spend a lot of time sitting down everyday.  In our dining area we just have a plain wooden table and chairs and sometimes I like to put a nice bright tablecloth on it but I would love to paint the chairs in different vibrant, funky colours – just not sure if I’m brave enough to do it.  It shouldn’t be that big a deal to just paint them – should it?

This gorgeous tourquoise seat looks great with the yellow drapes.
These red chairs really make a statement in this otherwise plain colour palette kitchen.
I just had to include this image because pink is one of my favourite colours.  This is a really inspirational shot and shows how tourquoise and pink make such a beautiful combination.
This looks like a really cool space and seeing that only 2 of the chairs are painted brightly makes me think that maybe I can be brave enough andtry to paint 2 chairs and pull of the look okay.
These coloured chairs and that fab Oxo sign bring such energy and life to the room.

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2 Responses to Bright, Bold and Beautiful Chairs

  1. kathrine says:

    Hi, Joann!

    I think you shall do it 😉 I am gonna paint our dining table next weekend. I am gonna paint it white, but i don`t know if I should paint chairs white or in 3 different pale pastell colours. Good luck, if you dare.

  2. Hi Kathrine

    I think pastel colours would look fab. Send us in some before and after pics and if you like I can post them here.

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