My ‘erbs

Having recently returned from city living in The Netherlands to living in a quiet, peaceful, beautiful little village in the countryside surrounded by mountains, sea, cows and fields, I thought it would be fitting to start growing our own vegetables.  And so armed with big ideas & plans for planting drills of potatoes and beds of every imaginable vegetable when my other half quickly brought me back down to earth and we agreed that perhaps it was better to start with something simple like growing herbs.  I bought a few packets of herb seeds and gently packed them in to seed trays with some compost.  I also bought whats called a propogator (never heard of this before) – this object produces ideal conditions for growing and allows for faster germination – basically it helps them to grow faster and this can’t be a bad thing.  After keeping a watchful eye on me ‘erbs over a few days there was nothing happening – all I could see was brown compost – very disappointing.  Talk about missing the obvious – I was gently reminded that it might be a good idea to put water on them (which somehow slipped my mind).   Well it was unbelievable the difference from when I watered the herbs and the next day – there was Green Shoots – a proud moment for me.  So they are now well on their way to growing into big strong Basil leaves (she says hopefully).  On a closer look in the tray though there seems to be a cluster of green shoots in one area and nothing in the other so I don’t think that they were planted and spread out evenly (mental note for next time I try to plant herbs to spread them evenly in the seed tray).  Stayed tuned for further updates on the progression of my ‘erbs.

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