Thinking about revamping some furniture?  Check out these gorgeous chairs that have been restyled with some vintage coffee bean bags by Blanaid (check out her inspiring Blog).  I think they look great and have such a natural look about them. The combination of natural elements of the fabric in the bean bags and the wooden coffee table work really well and the sheepskin rugs add an element of softness.  Love the idea of putting a sheepskin over the back of a couch – would never have thought about it but it looks great.  These chairs have given me the inspiration to transform (or at least try to transform) my grandmothers green velvet couches with brown tassles which at the moment have throws on them because they really do look hideous but they hold huge sentimental value so as much as Vidar, my other half, wants to bin them there is no way that I will be throwing them out.  However, they definitely need a makeover so when I gradually get around to doing something with them I will post the before and after pics.


Below is an image of a bread bin which my Mum was about to chuck out and I thought was too cute to chuck and figured I might find a use for  it.  Hey presto I thought it would make a nice flower pot.  What do you think?

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3 Responses to Reuse/Restyle

  1. Oh no, I have that same bread-bin! And it’s so out of vogue that people are throwing it out?! I must get another straight away. Mind you, it looks nice with the pretty flowers. I love your cupcake stands, by the way, and must order some soon – I’ve been looking for them for ages but most places won’t deliver to Ireland.

  2. Thats gas because I also have the same bread bin but Mum was throwing her one out because the inside of it was starting to rust. Reasons I bought it was because I love the vintage feel of it, its a lovely shade of pink and also because I thought that the chopping board on top was really practical but you know what I have yet to use the chopping board on top because I’m afraid I’ll ruin it (ridiculous,eh)-do you use the chopping board of yours? Thanks for your comments about the cupcake stands-they’re very cute and we’ll deliver everywhere:) We’re offering a 10% discount for Facebook Fans so if there’s anything your interested in you can use the promotional code FF10.

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