Glass – Let the Light In

I have a weakness for spaces with a lot of glass.  For anyone who has a dark room at the back of your home and might be toying with the idea of creating it into a brighter room this can be achieved by many different options such as installing folding glass doors, large windows, french doors, a skylight or a glass ceiling.   If you want to create the effect of a room being larger then a key element to making a room look bigger is to let the light in.  If you are thinking about creating an additional space in your home you could consider a glass extension.  The effect can be incredible and can really transform the look of a room and allow you to completely open up the back of your home so that  that the green areas are visible and that there is a natural flow between the inside and outside.   Glass allows the light to flood in and give a bright, airy feeling to a space.

You can put your style stamp on the space based on your selection of furniture and accessories to create a contemporary, minimal, funky or country cottage feel.

Source: Light Locations

Source: Michael Graydon

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