Accessorise Your Home

Imagine any room in your house with just the bare essentials.  For example imagine your bedroom with just the bed and wardrobe.  I’m sure there are people who like the minimalist look but a great way to put your stamp on a room in your home is to personalize the room and create your own style.  Lets go back to the example of a bedroom, by adding a few items to the room you can enhance the room and give it not only a different look but also a different feel.    Enhance the look of your room by simply adding a few accessories.  It can be a simple case of adding a beautiful painting, a cluster of funky cushions, a vase with a bunch of brightly coloured fresh flowers or a shagpile rug.

Use brightly coloured rugs  in a plain coloured room or use a plain coloured rug to tone down a brightly coloured room.  Rugs are also a great way to add texture to a room and can give it another dimension.

In a Kitchen place a big bunch of fresh flowers on the table or use tablecloths to inject your favourite colours into the room.

Adding a few simple accessories can help pull the style of a room together and its a way to add hints of colour into a room.  Accessorizing your home does not have to cost an arm and a leg and can be done in a cost effective way.  Look around at what you have in your home already to see if there are items that you can reuse in a different way.  For example I had a huge glass vase at home and placed some scented cones in it and placed it alongside the fireplace.  Not only is it a change from just having a vase with some flowers but it looks a little bit different and adds some texture and scent to the room.  Alternatively use an old glass milk bottle, jam jar or an old watering can as an alternative to a traditional vase and I bet it’ll look great.   Don’t be afraid to experiment and try to combine old with new.

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