My Mum recently got a Waterford Stanley Stove and is over the moon with the new ‘oisin’ stove.
OisinFinal_thumbAlthough we have a stove in our living room I’d also like to get one for our ‘sun room’ (listening to the rain outside now though I think we should rename it the ‘cold room’).   In comparison to the ‘open’ fire she’s not using a fraction of the wood in the ‘oisin’ and the heat that it belts out really is just something else (honestly you’d be panned out) so the great thing is that its also really fuel efficient so I guess that has to be good for the environment (using less wood).  So I had a look at the site – – and they have such a gorgeous collection of not only stoves but kitchen cooking stoves also.

There really is nothing like a stove to create a warm, cozy atmosphere and they can really inject some character into a room.



Stanley-Alpha163163Donard-_kitchenThese stanley cookers are also really gorgeous and would look absolutely fab especially if you have a country style kitchen.  Although the cream looks classic and timeless the blue one below gives a nice injection of colour to a room


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