Beautiful door furniture

I came across this fab website – that sell door handles/knobs, escutcheons, front door handles online and it brought me back to a few years ago when myself and my other half built our house.  We both have very different taste and had different ideas on practically everything that went into the house even down to the door knobs.  My other half was thinking of practicality and functionality whereas I just wanted something that looked good (hopefully some women can agree with me here).  Eventually of course we decided to go for some beautiful cream vintage round porcelain door knobs and although they might not be very practical they do look great. 

You might not think that door knobs/handles can make a big difference, however, its this kind of detail which will help to bring the look and feel of your home or room together.

Brass Glass Door HandleCream Cracked Knob



Here are some of the products to help achieve a rustic country cottage look from and its great because you can simply order online




Porcelain LeverBrass Escutcheon







White Plate
White Escutcheons


White Mortice Knob






Glass Cupboard Knob  Traditional Cupboard KnobBlack Mortice KnobBlackDoorKnob

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3 Responses to Beautiful door furniture

  1. ironmongeryshop says:

    Without wishing to rain on your parade, I cant help but think the 2 top left pics of door handles look like toilet cistern handles.
    By the way, your ‘thumbs up/down rate this’ doesnt allow you to select the ‘thumbs down’ icon. I wonder why????????????/

  2. James Cook says:

    Decorative Art Glass windows are crafted by hand using traditional stained glass techniques to highlight the captivating designs.

  3. James Cook says:

    this was great this images are inspire me to redecorate my doors thank you very much

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