Beautiful Places

I’ve just been browsing through some pictures and came across some really beautiful images that I just wanted to share with you.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia – a beautiful and ancient site – an amazing architectural achievement Angkor Wat and its mirage

Scheveningen Beach, The Hague, Holland – rich and warm coloured sunset on the beach of a summers eveningScheviningen

Koh Sahmet, Thailand – white sandy beaches and warm, aqua blue waters


Iceland – really raw/harsh landscape and amazing sunsetsIceland

Comeragh Mountains, Dungarvan, Co Waterford, Ireland – beautiful mountain range and waterfall

Comeragh Mountains

Something thats just struck me as I’m writing this is that a common factor in most of these images is the many different shades of grey.  Its one of my favourite colours thats neutral and looks really great in combination with other colours such as lilac, green, white, pink.

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