The color pink is reputed to have a calming, soothing effect on people and exudes a feeling of comfort.  It can make people smile but it also seems to evoke negative associations in particular when people go OTT with the colour – does anyone remember Katie Prices pink puffa wedding dress and huge pink tiara?  Did you know that apparently the colour pink has been shown to cause physical weakness in humans?  Check out this link about a pink jail where the inmates wear pink jumpsuits –

Thinking about decorating or painting a room?  One way to go about putting your own personality into the room is to create a Picture Board.  It’s a great way to incorporate things that inspire you or that you are drawn to.  A Picture Board can help you to create a sense of your own design style and inject your personality into a room.   Look around for some inspirational pictures, take some cutout pics from magazines or print out some photos that you love and arrange them on an A3 piece of paper and from this Picture Board you can start to draw some inspiration and creativity from in terms of colour, patterns and designs which appeal to you.

I’ve made a start on a Picture Board below which includes some random images & some of the eBoutique collection.

Pink Picture Board

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