Paris – Doors & Food

Doors & Knobs

I’ve just returned from a few days in Paris.  I’ve been many times before and admittedly its not somewhere that I originally had any real emotion for, however, its a city that grows on me and which I enjoy more and more.  Something that stood out on this occasion was how fabulous the doors are (never in a million years did I think would write about doors:))

But really, the doors and door knobs are magnificent and vary hugely in size, style and colour.  I have never taken any notice of how fab they are – from big beautiful doors with intricate designs to decadent door knobs mounted on a slab of marble to more simple designs but the detail is all important like in the door knob below.

Door Handle

The door below has a combination of iron and wood panelling with an understated door handle and a truly fabulous semi circular window above it.  Although many of the Parisienne doors don’t have a glossy, polished finish they do have a certain elegance.

Doors of Paris

Check out the door below which reflects the use of combining different materials such as wood, iron and glass.  Might not be to everyone’s liking but I think it looks great.

Blue Door

I now have a found appreciation for the beautiful georgian doors in Dublin.


Something else I have to write about is how fantastic the food is.  I think what makes it really delish are the sauces.  One evening I had suckling pig in a honey and red wine sauce and potato gratin.  Oh My God – it was just divine.  Will definitely try to reinvent that one.  Another delicious lunch I had was a goats cheese salad which consisted of the goats cheese wrapped in a really light crepe and gently fried with lettuce and walnuts – so simple but so delicious.  It amazes me how petite the french women are but equally amazing is how much white bread they eat – fully loaded with carbs – how can they manage to looks so, so slim.  I wonder if I indulged in a loaf of Brennans bread every day could I also look that petite (don’t think so).

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