Scandinavian Style

My other half is Norwegian and I recently returned from our yearly Summer holiday in Norway.  This trip was more special than normal as my sister-in-law was getting married and we had a great week.

I decided to write this blog entry about the Norwegian (Scandinavian) style of homes – outside and inside.  A common factor inside and outside is the use of wood.  Outside – the landscape along the coastline is dotted with beautiful wooden cabins with boat moorings and they truly relish the outdoor life for the Summer months.  Along the coast is a scattering of really fabulous red and white cabins. 

Norwegian Homes

Inside,  the dominant colour scheme can be white, cream or light blues with the occasional hint of a bold colour coming through.  Hints of colour can be injected by accessorising.

Red & White Gingham

It’s a relatively easy look that can be achieved by painting walls or floors in whites, jazz the floor up with natural toned rugs to add some warmth, dot some candles around a room, use curtains with a hint of colour e.g. red and white gingham curtains (looks even better when its placed across the bottom half of the window thereby still letting light in from the top half), pick a bunch of bright coloured flowers to place in a simple glass vase, drape a floral apron over the back of a chair or use some colourful seat cushions.

White Lats

Also important to remember is that everything has its own place so keep the look uncluttered.  It may be due to the long winters and the lack of sunlight that influences the common use of white to achieve that airy feel and how the scandinavians cleverly maximize light interiors.  The great thing about the Scandinavian style is that it is welcoming, warm, airy, timeless and has a distinctly uncluttered feel.

The other thing which strikes me is that during the Summer months the Norwegians really make the most out of the Summer evenings and sit outside into the late evenings –  they wrap up in a blanket, light an outdoor fire and some candles and enjoy a glass of wine.  

Candle Holders

It makes me wonder why in Ireland we don’t do this enough and really make the most of our Summers so on Tuesday night I sat outside with my Mum, wrapped up, lit some candles and just soaked up the beautiful Irish summer night and it was just fabulous.  Give it a try and let me know how it goes?

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